13 thoughts on “Brain Fog Files 2 – Pineapples

  1. I had to show this to my husband, because this is SO me. I constantly confuse one noun with another that starts with the same letter. Especially place names. It’s always nouns, I’ve noticed. Never any other part of speech. Anyway, great comic! 🙂

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      1. I was trying to say Valerian today and all that wanted to come out was Vicodin… Quite different drugs! Doctor had to fill it in for me


    1. Haha, maybe I should start a medical brand named after fruit 😉

      Can you image doctors prescribing things?

      “In the morning, take two pineapples, one raspberry, and one blueberry. Then have three cherries at night, right before bed”…


      xx S.


  2. I change my email account periodically.
    I had a “take two pineapples”/”I’m folding meat patties” incident yesterday and it was “a scream”(hilarious).
    I said to a neighbor friend (who I’ve not seen in a month)who loves getting letters from me: “Ooops, I forgot to bring my PAINTBRUSHES downstairs to write you a note in color!”
    She was nonplussed.
    I repeated, “Paintbrushes. Ooops, I mean crayons. Well, I do like crayons but I meant the Sharpie whatchamacallits”… feeling befuddled and hazy and foggy, I changed the subject.
    Five minutes later… “Oh yeah, they’re called MAGIC MARKERS, me and my brain fog braaaiiiin fooog BRAIN FOG BRAAAIIIIN FOOOG”.
    Which is funnier, calling undershirts meat patties or calling magic markers “paintbrushes”? To me they are both hilarious. Brain fog can be funny SOMETIMES.
    I don’t remember if I mentioned that I have long COVID and it caused an increase in my preexisting brain fog.
    For laughs, I should write “meat patties and undersirts” on all my undershirts. Then I will laugh every time I see them. (Or “rissoles and singlets” since I’m an Anglophile.)
    That’s my favorite episode of “Reflections Of A Bear”. My second favorite is the pineapple meds. I don’t like the taste of pineapple but that’s a funny story anyway.

    I hope you enjoyed my brain fog story. Now I’m going to get my “paintbrushes” (magic markers) and make an “I Need A Rememberall” sign.

    Sincerely, Claire

    Postus Scriptus: if you get a message signed “Claire Dryden” in the future, that’s me. I want to change my last name from Dixon to Dryden. The reason: because my father’s side of the family are religious fanatics, yuk.
    I’m already using Claire Dryden in my email address. That’s how badly I want to change my surname.

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