Dysautonomia: a big, scary word?

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When one Mum’s body started doing strange things, her daughter knew what it meant…her Mum was dying.

Only, the Mum wasn’t dying. 
Her body just does strange things because she has dysautonomia.

The Mum tried to explain that to her daughter…but she couldn’t seem to find the right words to help her understand. So her daughter continued to be sad and scared.

The Mum messaged me in despair.
“How do you explain dysautonomia to a seven year old?”

My reply?
“You make a comic!”

To that Mum… I hope this helps.

*         *        *

I’ve been working on this comic, on and off, for four months. I had surgery soon after starting it, and it was a while before I was well enough to continue.

What had started out as a small concept grew into a comic so big that I thought (many times) that maybe I should just give up, because it seemed I would never, ever finish it. But then I’d think about that little girl, terrified that her Mum was dying because she doesn’t understand dysautonomia…and I’d keep going.

And now… it’s finished. 

I hope it helps that little girl to better understand what’s wrong with her Mum.

But I’m posting it here because I know that there are so many other people, of all different ages, who struggle to understand what dysautonomia is, or struggle to explain it to others. This comic is for you too.

You can see the comic by clicking >>> here <<<.

xx S.

8 thoughts on “Dysautonomia: a big, scary word?

  1. Thank you so much Sarah.
    I have no words to explain how grateful I am. I actually am a little teary reading this. My little girl is going to love reading this and it’s really going to help so much.
    Lots of love and appreciation. Xx

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