Dysautonomia: a big, scary word?

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When one Mum’s body started doing strange things, her daughter knew what it meant…her Mum was dying.

Only, the Mum wasn’t dying. 
Her body just does strange things because she has dysautonomia.

The Mum tried to explain that to her daughter…but she couldn’t seem to find the right words to help her understand. So her daughter continued to be sad and scared.

The Mum messaged me in despair.
“How do you explain dysautonomia to a seven year old?”

My reply?
“You make a comic!”

To that Mum… I hope this helps.

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Brain Fog Files 3b – U.S. version Rissoles

My original comic featured ‘rissoles’ and ‘singlets’. But a dear reader contacted me to let me know that there’s no such thing as ‘rissoles’ in America (my condolences to you, because they’re delicious!), and that you don’t call the things you wear under your shirt in the wintertime ‘singlets’ either. So I made a U.S. translation of my comic, and popped the American ‘Mom’ in there, so my friends in the States can share too!

Brain Fog Files - Rissoles US web

xx S.