Infographic series

The results of a massive study on PoTS have recently been published, in a report titled, “A profile of patients with postural tachycardia syndrome and their experience of healthcare in the UK”.

779 PoTS patients from the UK were surveyed about their symptoms.
The report is worth reading, but asking a tired brain to process 2000 words of medical-speak is like asking your brain to climb Mount Everest… without any legs.

So, in order to share the report with you guys, I’ve pulled out what I thought was the important information, and turned it into a series of eight infographics. Goodbye massive blocks of text; hello pictures and bite-sized pieces of information! You can view them by clicking on the individual titles below:

1. Getting diagnosed
2. Most common symptoms
3. Impact on mobility
4. Impact on work / education
5. Impact on exercise
6. Impact on quality of life
7. Coexisting conditions
8. Top 10 PoTS Treatments

Remember, this particular survey is of PoTS patients in the UK, so some of the statistics will differ to your personal experience, depending on where you are based. (For example, this study showed a 3.7 year delay until PoTS diagnosis. An international study from 2013 lists the average diagnostic delay for a POTS patient as 5 years and 11 months).

But, whether you are in the UK or not, I think the results of this survey are not only interesting but also important. After all, a person with PoTS is a person with PoTS, no matter where they live! Spreading awareness of this illness benefits us all.

xx S.