Why doesn’t Bear have a Facebook page?

Recently I’ve found myself having a lot of conversations with people about why Mr Happy and I deleted our facebook accounts. And each time, I wish to myself that I had already posted this explanation, so I could just share it with the person I’m talking to.

I wrote this post two years ago to answer a question that was being asked frequently. But then my health took a nosedive, and I didn’t have the energy or brain power to blog anymore. So this post just hunkered down in my drafts folder. Every time I’ve considered posting it I’ve thought, “No, it’s been too long since my last post. That’s a weird post to start back with. I’ll just wait until I’m a bit better. Then I can write a few other posts and this one can be shared after those”. 

But it’s been two years, and that “bit better” hasn’t happened yet.
So I’m sharing it now, and then retreating back into hibernation.
Hopefully ‘winter’ will be over soon, and I can get back to regular blogging.

Missing you all,
xx S.

Why doesn’t Bear have a Facebook page?

It’s annoying, I know! Facebook is an awesome way to keep up to date with your favourite pages. They make it really easy to ‘like’ a post, comment on it, or share with friends and family. Bear would love to have a Facebook page, because more people would find our blog, learn about dysautonomia, and interact with us!facebook-140903_1920

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