Relief. Grief. Repeat.

A lot of newly diagnosed patients have just joined a dysautonomia support group that I’m part of. Seeing their posts got me thinking about when I was first diagnosed, and the emotions that caused. When it comes to chronic illness diagnosis, everyone’s experience is different, and everyone processes their experiences differently. So I don’t want to tell anyone what they should be feeling, or how they should deal with it. I just want to share my personal experience, in the hope that others might find it helpful.

*          *          *

For me, being diagnosed with a chronic illness was an emotional time.

I was confused: What is this illness? How did I get it? WHY did I get it?

I was hopeful: Maybe now that they know what I have, they can treat it?

I was afraid: How will this illness affect my life? People aren’t going to understand…  All the dreams and plans I had – am I ever going to be able to do them?

There were so many different feelings all swirling around inside of me, fighting for recognition. But relief and grief were the two emotions that stood out. Continue reading “Relief. Grief. Repeat.”