Dear 14-year-old me

I know your life is bewildering right now.

There’s so much happening that you don’t understand, and you’re afraid.

You’re scared that you’ll never find out what’s going on with your body.
It’s okay; we DO find out. It’ll be a crazy ride, and we have to wait five years to be correctly¬†diagnosed. But what you have is real, it has a name, and you’re NOT crazy. Turns out there’s a whole bunch of things wrong with your body, but the one kicking you around right now is called POTS, and it’s a kind of Dysautonomia. I know right, ‘POTS’? Who even named this thing? But you’ll be so relieved to find out what you have, that you won’t even care that it has a name like a saucepan. Continue reading “Dear 14-year-old me”