I’m a minimalist hoarder…

When it comes to ‘stuff’, there’s an interesting dichotomy in my nature.

I’m the kind of girl who, if healthy, would happily spend hours browsing op shops and garage sales for interesting and beautiful things. I love repurposing objects; filling up an antique tin with freshly baked cookies for a gift, reusing part of a birthday card to make a cute tag, or turning an old piece of furniture into something attractive. Like these old pallets, turned into a glossy, colourful, visually textured table!
(No, sadly, this is not my table…but I can dream…)


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Captain of your health (part 1)

Imagine that, all of a sudden, someone kidnapped you and made you the captain of a large ship. Unfortunately, you’ve never learned how to sail. It’s foggy, and you’re desperately trying to steer through shallow channels, to maneuver through the currents while avoiding reefs and icebergs. At the same time, with no experience, you’re supposed to give orders to the crew about when to tighten the rigging, and when to let it loose, when to put out the oars, and when to throw ballast overboard. You’re standing with two feet on dry decking, but you’re so overwhelmed you feel like you’re drowning in the sea you’re supposed to be navigating.
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