Little Dog Goes To Hospital

Five years ago, I had to stay in hospital overnight for a procedure. I don’t remember what the procedure was, or how it went. But I do remember my (then much younger) sister ‘B’, insisting that I take her little stuffed dog to hospital with me, so that I wouldn’t feel lonely or scared.

It’s amazing how that tiny action has stayed with me for so long. The stuffed dog itself didn’t make me feel any better. But the love behind her fierce determination that I shouldn’t feel alone, that’s what made such an impact.

I ended up taking photos of little dog around the hospital room while I was there, and turning them into a story for my younger sister. She thought it was the best thing ever.

littledog1 littledog2 littledog3 littledog4 littledog5 littledog6 littledog7 littledog8 littledog9 littledog10 littledog11 littledog12 littledog13 littledog14 littledog15 littledog16 littledog18 littledog19 littledog20 littledog21 littledog22 littledog23

I went hunting for those photos tonight because of a quote I saw online.

Care quote

“You just have to care.”
My little sister cared, and it made a difference.

I know it can sometimes be overwhelming, having a friend / family member / co-worker with chronic illness. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to do.

So take a page out of my little sister’s book.
Don’t try to fix them, don’t worry about the perfect thing to say, or the best time to say it. Just let them know that you care.

I promise, it will make a difference.

xx S.

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