Product Review: Fenici 40cm Fan

NOTE: I purchased this product myself, and am sharing my own views about it. I have not been compensated in any way for this review. 

I can hear you thinking, “Really? A product review about a fan? Have you just run out of things to blog about?”

Firstly, never!
Secondly, I’m blogging about a fan because YOU NEED THIS FAN IN YOUR LIFE!

Well, maybe you don’t. But anyone who is chronically ill and has associated temperature regulation issues, definitely needs something like this fan in their life.

Say hello to the Fenici (FRD40ACG)


It looks just like a regular pedestal fan.
40cm head
Adjustable height/head tilt
3 speeds: low/med/high

So what’s all the fuss about?

It has a remote control!

Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock, but I’ve never owned a fan with a remote control before. Every time I wanted to change the settings, I had to drag myself upright/out of bed to push the button on the fan, and then crawl back into bed. Not a big deal if you just want to put the fan on before you go to bed at night, and then turn it off in the morning.
But when…

i) You’re in bed most of the day because you’re so tired  / your body doesn’t like being upright

ii) Your temperature changes from ‘sahara desert hot’ to ‘antarctic cold’ within the space of a minute, and then back again a few minutes later, and then keeps flickering between the two

iii) You suffer from sensory overload and sometimes need to quickly cut out as much stimuli as you can (like a fan blowing on you), because your brain has started interpreting it as painful or overwhelming

…you either do a lot of climbing in and out of bed (wasting precious spoons you don’t have), or you just lie there sweating/freezing/hurting because you’re not well enough to get up to change the setting for the fiftieth time.


The remote control is tiny, and I keep it in my bed, next to my pillow. The buttons on it poke out a bit, so I can go by feel to turn the fan on/off/adjust the speed. That means I can be lying down with my eyes closed, point my magic wand remote control at the fan, and ta-da: setting changed! It’s so helpful!

The other thing I love about this fan is that it’s so quiet. No annoying clicks, rattles or thumps, even when the head is oscillating back and forth. Worse than a tap dripping three rooms away, is a fan rattling a few metres from your bed!

It has a timer setting with fifteen combinations; starting at 30mins and going all the way up to 7.5hrs (in 30min increments). I haven’t really used the timer setting, because my temperature fluctuates so much (who knows if I’m still going to need the fan on in 7.5hrs time?). But I can see how it would be useful for people who like to have the fan on to go to sleep, but don’t necessarily need it running all night.

Fan body
The body of the fan. You can see the piece of electrical tape I stuck over the ‘power on’ light that glows whenever the fan is plugged in. It was too bright at night!


Ready for the best part?
The whole thing (fan+remote) only cost $24.00!
($24 AUD = $17 USD)

Yay for helpful products that don’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase!
(I’m looking at you, compression stockings!)

Yay for better temperature management!

Yay for saving spoons for more exciting things!

xx S. 

NB: I bought this fan about six months ago, from Big W. Since then, I’ve seen many others with remote controls for sale. So don’t feel like you have to purchase this particular brand/model, just to get the convenience of the remote. Shop around!

Products that help with chronic illness aren’t always traditional medical aids, like wheelchairs or compression stockings.  What’s something you’ve found helpful?

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Fenici 40cm Fan

  1. It’s 3:19AM here and I can’t get to sleep, it’s very humid and I have insomnia. I was just thinking that having the fan on is a waste of electricity as I’d probably only need it on for an hour until I get to sleep, but then I’m paying the running costs for hours while I’m asleep.

    I was thinking how convenient it would be if I could have a fan with a timer, so I reached for my phone and searched on google. I went straight to the Big W page and saw your review. I don’t know what compelled me to come to your blog, but I’m glad I did.

    The remote is just a bonus – an extremely convenient one. I hate having to get up to reach and turn it off/on as I also go from cold to hot very quickly (which I always just attribute to stress, had it for years). Sometimes a try to poke the off button with my big toe while still lying down in pitch darkness (the fan being at the end of my bed!).

    My fan is also way too loud and wakes up my mother in the next room. It’s one of those cheap $10-12 pedestal fans from Kmart.

    I was pretty amazed that this is only $24, I will have to get one today or tomorrow.

    Thanks very much for the review, I’m sold (if you couldn’t already tell) 🙂

    [This is my first comment on a blog. I don’t think I have ever even been on a blog until now, will be sure to check some more posts on here, I may as well as I can’t get to sleep!]

    Liked by 1 person

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