6 thoughts on “Infographic: Profile of patients with PoTS (treatments)

  1. It upsets me everytime I read about the drugs you can take that help with POTS. I can’t take any of them as I have hypertension. Avoiding alcohol, exercise and salt and fluids helps, but I have seen how much better it can be for people on things like midodrine, that those measures are almost useless by comparison. Great blog!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean! I struggle with hypotension, so was expecting Midodrine & Florinef to be ‘miracle’ drugs for me, like that have been for so many others.

      Alas, Florinef gave me epic migraines, and I had to discontinue it. It works by raising your blood pressure – which is awesome, but it also raises the pressure in your head – which some people can’t tolerate.

      Midodrine is supposed to be a vasoconstrictor, pushing your blood up from your legs to your brain. But for some reason, in me, it *lowered* my blood pressure! I tried it for six weeks, slowly increasing the dose, but it just made me exhausted, and I became bedridden, and I had to stop.

      I was so disappointed, as I have many friends on one or the other, or a combination of both, and it’s been so helpful for them! Many were once bedridden, and are now working, or are able to look after their children. They have more energy, less pain, and less pre-syncope / syncope.

      Sadly, medications work differently in different bodies, and neither of these two drugs worked for me.

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      1. So sorry to hear that. Sensitivity is a common issue for me, too. I was on a pain medication (for the EDS and/fibromyalgia pain) that actually worked for me, (I’ve never before or since had a pain med that really did the job) but the longer I was on it, the worse a side effect of Myoclonic jerking became. I could almost have put up with it except that it got to the point I couldn’t eat or drink without throwing stuff all over myself on an almost daily basis. That wasn’t nice.

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    Top Ten POTS Treatments – This is a great info graphic series from a favorite blog of mine. This post was a favorite from the series but I encourage folks to checkout the full series from Reflections of a Bear


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