Product Review: Fenici 40cm Fan

NOTE: I purchased this product myself, and am sharing my own views about it. I have not been compensated in any way for this review. 

I can hear you thinking, “Really? A product review about a fan? Have you just run out of things to blog about?”

Firstly, never!
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Why do I blog?


When I first started blogging, my mentor Rachel from The Chronicles of Rach told me about the importance of asking myself questions. Why did I want to blog? What did I want to blog about? Who did I want to read it? She explained how having a clear focus would help me to create better content.

She pointed me to the seven questions the wonderful Pip Lincolne (from BLog with Pip) had assigned her during a recent blogging course. I read Rachel’s answers in her post The Whys and Wherefores, and then eagerly scribbled down my own answers. I’ve referred to those scribbled sentences many times over the last six months.

I realised that if I shared them here, it may help people to understand why I started Reflections Of A Bear. So here they are: the secrets to my blogging…

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