Wheelchair “miracles”

I finally gave in and bought a wheelchair last year, when a local store had them on special.

It’s not something I need every day, thankfully. Not even most days. In fact, I’m pretty sure my Mum has borrowed it and used it for my grandmother more times than Mr Happy has used it for me! But thanks to my Dysautonomia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I suffer from debilitating fatigue, I’m unable to stand for long periods / walk long distances, and I have a propensity for dislocating body parts. So Mr Happy kept prompting that it would be handy for us own one, and after missing out on several events where I could have gone if we’d had one, I gave in.

That’s why things like this BuzzFeed post hit me really hard.
Because I know, that could have been me.  Continue reading “Wheelchair “miracles””